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ah im shaking but laughing very hard at the same time...hahahahahahaa

so yes...back to uh not doing anything all day

too bad all my stuff is at the house now i cant even sew or do anything else at all and all i have to eat here is ice cream and bagels oh boy! oh and some beef jerky mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm jerky!

bean is up with my dad at the house too...but im going up there tues i guess for a week without any contact with the outside world oh shit thats going to be boring but i need to get my room straightened out anyways...then ill work on some stuff then ill uh play with my dog since im bringing her home this thurs and ill uh i dunno ill find something to do im creative or some shit!

theres so many things on ebay i want right now! i shouldnt buy them though...i have too many articles of clothing as it is and im going to get rid of some of them damnit! so i can buy new ones...egh! LOL baaaad bad bad!
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