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mwuaaahahaa ima going to GEEERMANY!

ginny see linky

if that didnt work...i believe i put it for un november 24th (fuck thanxgiving!) to december 8th and its $529 on northwest airlines (not some scary foreign one yay haha) and goddamnit they better feed me a hardcore meal or two for that much money!
the only things im concerned with are the times i have to leave Germany (i think its like 6somethingam) and the time i will get home (12somethingpm) and finding ppl to pick me up! haha and HOW will we get to the airport since you wont have a car there? hmmmm

i wont buy tickets till i a) get a passport (or start the doesnt have to be IN MY HANDS but i gotta go fill out the shit and all haha) and b) find out what my daily spending limit on my debit card is to make sure i can BUY the tickets with it otherwise ill have to ask my dad or someone with a credit card to do it!

wheeee! this is so exciting! and after going to colorado by myself flying to europe doesnt seem quite as scary as it would have before haha i will have to change planes in amsterdam though eeeeek haha im just wondering about all the customs shit and all that i dont know how that works ill have to ask ginners

doo do do doo do do GEEEEEERMANY!
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