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ok well its official!
i bought tickets today! IM GOING TO GERMANY!
i leave Nov 23rd (tues but itll be wed when i get to Germany) and i leave Dec 9th thats a hair over 2 weeks....oh boy!
i have to try to smuggle cheese
i have a headache right now i sprayed the house down with citrus spray and its giving me a pretty decent headache...uuuugh!
i also mopped go me

hopefully tonight ill know if ill have a good enough mold to cast resins out of after the rubber finishes curing but thats hours from now and im B-O-R-E-D someone come take me to sharis or something goddamnit ive pretty much wasted this entire weekend sitting around being lonely and depressed and pouring mold rubber so i better get a decent mold out of this or im going to be very pissed!


Ginny says the beer there is cheaper than the water im scared i hate beer! she said she wanted to try to get me drunk at least once but i told her i just fall asleep while intoxicated so she said maybe not then LOL but i will have to sample the alcohol just for the hell of it since well how often do you get to go to another country like that? and its uh my heritage or some shit LOL
i think id like to see some scary industrial club or something while im there LOL wheeeee lets go DANCING Ginny har har
im very excited though if you cant tell its only a few months away! wow i need another camera memory card so that i may photographically document this glorious experiance haha ive seriously wanted to go to Germany for as long as i can remember now this is going to be awesome!
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