STINKAY (lobo04) wrote,

  • Mood: GERMANY i go!

well im waiting for my stupid mother to answer her phone or show up and shes doing neither and she is supposed to be the one taking me to the airport today! BITCH ARG

if she fucks this up im killing her!

anyways...yeah im going to be gone for over 2 weeks actually from the 23rd (today) till Dec 9th

leave me messages if you want id sure appreciate feeling appreciated!

blaaaaaah i should call her again ugh she makes me so angry!

ok she finally answered gaaah shes coming soon...ok i should probably eat something right? i have a reaaaaally long flight ahead of me and knowing how food on flights goes i wont be getting much haha so yeah i think ill have some pumpkin pie and uhh i dunno what else...i have to eat the pie or itll just go bad while im gone so yay for pie!

we have to look at my dogs ear while shes here too god i hope its doing better than it was the other day! egh!

hmmm ok well pie time and then i leave so yeah bye for a few weeks!
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