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CALLING VIRGINIA!!! (haha that sounds wrong)

i went and did the passport thing today finally! it should be here by the last week of sept!

give me a few weeks to try to catch my poor aching bank account up (after insurance and lots of other expensive things grr) before i buy tickets alright? we shall have to check everything again and all that

and WHERE WILL YOU BE LIVING BY NOVEMBER?! do you know yet? i need to buy those resins (and perhaps a few more to paint and sell if i can afford it!) but i will need to know before i come there if shes going to ship them to you there or if were just going to go GET them from her personally which would be fun...we shall want to go there (munchen ehehe i dont have the dots!) anyways yes? wow this is exciting! hehehehe GET BACK TO ME OR I SHALL CRY!

ok im going to go inhale oil paint and thinner fumes for a few hours now wheee
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